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Previously known as the Leahy Family, this Celtic pop group from Lakefield, Ontario, features nine Leahy siblings -- from oldest to youngest: singer/songwriter Julie, bassist Siobheann, fiddler Donnell, guitarist Maria, drummer Frank, pianist Agnes, fiddler Doug, pianist Erin, and fiddler Angus. The siblings, along with their parents (Frank and Julie) and two other siblings who declined to pursue music professionally, began performing during the 1970s, developing a distinctive style informed not only by Celtic traditions but also Canadian folk and French-Canadian step dancing. The family's popularity soared when the musicians were the subject of the Academy Award-winning 1985 student film The Leahy's: Music Most of All, but real world concerns like school, careers, and marriage eventually relegated the Leahy Family's performances to special occasions. By the mid-'90s, however, the children had grown up and decided to turn professional. Dubbing themselves simply Leahy, they issued their eponymous debut LP on Narada in 1997. They toured with Shania Twain the following year and continued releasing albums into the early 2000s. ~ Jason Ankeny

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