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Jonah Sonz Matranga (born Jonah Rzadzinski Matranga in Brookline, MA) is a singer/songwriter best known for fronting the band Far and recording solo under the name Onelinedrawing. Matranga left Massachusetts in 1987 to attend Pitzer College in California. After graduating, he moved to Sacramento and formed Far in 1991. The band cut four albums before disbanding in December 1998, after which Matranga began to play solo under the name Onelinedrawing, which had been the name of a cassette he had released via Kevin Seconds' Pop Rockit label. He had released two EPs that year titled Sketchy EP #1 and Sketchy EP #2. Most of Matranga's material has been self-released, though often distributed through labels such as Crank! His two Onelinedrawing LPs, Visitor (2002) and The Volunteers (2004), were released by Jade Tree. Matranga let go of the Onelinedrawing moniker in 2004, releasing subsequent solo efforts under his own name. In December 2004, he began offering custom-made recordings through his website. In addition to Far and the short-lived New End Original, another band project, Gratitude, released a record in March 2005, but was quickly abandoned. In 2005, Matranga put out Sketchy EP #3, as well as a DVD titled There's a Lot in Here, which was re-released with a bonus CD in February 2006 through Equal Vision. ~ Kenyon Hopkin

Brookline, MA
11 Aug 1969

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