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Gospel singer, songwriter, and musician, Angie Winans comes from a large family of very gifted music artists. She has worked on a number of recordings with sisters CeCe, BeBe, and Debbie Winans, as well as with many other artists. In 2001, Angie went solo, completing a debut album all her own. It was released under the Against the Flow Records label.
Angelique "Angie" Winans was born in the spring of 1968. She came into a family filled with a love for gospel music, and for children -- she was baby number nine out of ten. As a child Angie learned to play the piano and to sing, first performing at home, with and for family, and then in church. By the time she hit her teens, her brothers Michael, Ron, Carvin, and Marvin Winans were making a name in the music world as a singing group known as the Winans. Two of their sisters began a recording career next, as BeBe & CeCe Winans.
When Angie was 15 she began performing professionally as a background vocalist for BeBe & CeCe. Sister Debbie Winans, the youngest of the siblings, joined in also. In 1993, after a decade of serving as background singers, Angie and Debbie formed their own duo team. With a signed deal from Capitol Records, the twosome completed a self-titled debut album that year. Good reviews, some mainstream-type tunes, and time touring as an opening act for Whitney Houston helped the sisters grow a quick and loyal fan base in both the R&B and gospel genres.
By 2001, after working as producer, pianist, songwriter, and singer, Angie went solo with Melodies of My Heart. Some of the tracks from her debut album are "The Lord's Prayer," "Changing My Whole Life," "He Loves Me," "Lady Wisdom," "Roses Again," and "Come Go With Me." ~ Charlotte Dillon

    Detroit, MI
  • BORN
    04 March 1968