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Pronounced "yoong-uh yoong-uh," Junge Junge is the duo of German producers Rochus Grolle and Michael Noack, who blend deep house, pop, and acoustic elements in their music. Grolle and Noack began working together -- first under their own names and then as Junge Junge -- after they noticed they were playing a lot of the same clubs and gigs. Junge Junge debuted with "Why," a collaboration with vocalist Alex Landon, but made their breakthrough in 2015 with "Beautiful Girl," a driving single featuring Kyle Pearce. The song scored Noack and Grolle a record deal and ultimately became a streaming and radio hit in several countries. The duo worked with Pearce again on the follow-up singles "Run Run Run" and "Postcard," which were also featured on 2016's Beautiful Girl EP. Junge Junge returned in May 2017 with "I Don't Love You (I'm Just Lonely)." ~ Heather Phares

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