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About S.D. Burman

Aesthetically and culturally inclined toward Bengali music, S.D. Burman started his career with Bengali films in 1937. Later composing for Hindi movies, he was known as the official composer for Dev Anand's films, and this collaboration was one of the most memorable and fruitful composer-actor partnerships in Indian films. He also possessed a uniquely thin yet gruff voice, and was credited with reducing the emphasis on orchestration in Indian film music. Sachin Dev Burman was born in the royal family of Tripura and moved to Agartala at the age of 15. After moving to Kolkata following graduation from school, Burman received music guidance from various luminaries of the time, the most prominent being sarod maestro Ustad Allauddin Khan. Burman started composing for Bengali films like Jeevan Sangini, Matir Ghar, and Rajashri. He began his Bombay career with Shikari and later went on to compose hit music for Do Bhai, Shabnam, and Aath Din. Dev Anand and Burman collaborated during the 1950s, with successful music for Taxi Driver, Munimji, Afsar, Ghar Number 44, Funtoosh, Kalabazar, Paying Guest, Nau Do Gyarah, and Kalapani. Burman also composed for the highly celebrated film director Guru Dutt for Pyaasa, Baazi, Jaal, and Kaagaz ke Phool during this time. In the 1960s Burman composed some of his best commercial music, the most notable being Guide, Bandini, Aradhana, and Teen Deviyan. ~ Bhasker Gupta