Trinidad Cardona
Trinidad Cardona

Trinidad Cardona

About Trinidad Cardona

Singer, rapper and songwriter Trinidad Cardona shot to fame in 2017, when a clip of him improvising the original song “Jennifer” in a high school bathroom went viral.

• The catchy R&B track “Jennifer” was an off-the-cuff improvisation from the singer, then a teenager in Phoenix. He turned it into a complete song after the clip got seven million views overnight.
• Cardona soon signed with Island Records and released the 2018 single “Dinero”, bringing Latin and hip-hop elements to the forefront of his sound.
• The singer ended 2018 with the release of two projects: I Understand and Humble Beginnings.
• He dropped two more EPs, LOVE and Aventura, in 2019 and released more than 10 singles in 2020.

    Phoenix, AZ
  • BORN
    23 May 1999

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