The Invisible Front
Happiness Does Not Wait (2021 Version)
McMafia Main Title Theme (From The BBC TV Programme)
Clouds - Theme
Not Alone
Don't Forget, My Love (From The BBC TV Programme)
Beth's Theme
A Candle and Half a Pear
By Deception, We Will Do War (From The BBC TV Programme)
I'm a Banker Not a Gangster (From The BBC TV Programme)
Take My Leave of You (feat. Arnor Dan)
Last Century Man
Not Alone
Epilogue (From "Macbeth" Soundtrack)
The Beast
Ellie's Theme
So Close (feat. Arnor Dan)
Is That How You Talk To an Intruder? (From The BBC TV Programme)
End Theme (From “The Casual Vacancy” Score)
The Final Chapter
The Theory of Everything
The Inexorable Advance of Mr. Delaney
The Apple
So Far (feat. Arnor Dan)
A Sparrow Alighted upon Our Shoulder
What Did They Die For?
First Apparition (From "Macbeth" Soundtrack)

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