Camberwell Beauty
Conversation With Nellie
Sometimes voices (feat. Alex Paxton)
Lahan al-Mansour
Honey Siren: I. (Like thick air)
Diaries of the Early Worm
Invisible Cities: IV. Aloof, distant - Delicately
The Turing Test
Afronaut (feat. XANA)
Inside Colour
Composition No. 1 / Composition No. 2
Just a Vibration (feat. Hammonds Saltaire Brass Band, Jasdeep Degun & Marc Layton-Bennett)
5 Memos: II. Quickness
A Day at the Spa II
Nature Data
Trumpet Concerto "Alba" (Live)
Ave verum corpus Re-imagined
Currents (Live)
Beat Generation Ballads: I. Lost but Not Lost
Carry That Sound
Journey of the Lone Wolf
Frieze: I. Hushed and Expansive
Mysteries of the Horizon: IV. The Discovery of Fire
No Man's Land, Pt. 1: There Are Two Skeletons
Airplane Cantata: II. Take-off
The Four Quarters: II. Serenade - Morning Dew
In Pitch Black
Fantasias: Fantasia I. Presto
Sonata for Cello and Piano: I
Cloud Atlas for Symphonic Wind Band: I. —
Augenlieder: II. Visionen
Stolen Rhythm
The Dream of the Rood: I. Procession I (The Dream)
A Table of Noises: I. Jute
Soliloquy V (Flauto Acerbo)
Since Brass, nor Stone., Op. 80
Adrenaline City
The Moon Is Flashing (Version for Tenor & Chamber Ensemble): II. A Day in 3 Wipes
Strathclyde Motets: Data est mihi omnis potestas
Folk Music
Requiem, Songs for Sue, Op. 33: From Emily Dickinson
Threshold of Night
String Quartet No. 5
Witness to a Snow Miracle: II. The Tearing, the Burning
Night's Black Bird
The Ring Dance of the Nazarene
The Voice of Desire - the Voice of Desire (Judith Weir)
Seven States of Rain
Traumwerk, Book 3: No. 1, 8th Note = 42. Lontano. Sul ponticello. Senza vibrato

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