Editors' Notes Muse frontman Matt Bellamy is still processing this new normal. “It just feels like a different world now—like some kind of crazy dream that I had,” Bellamy tells Apple Music. He misses the simple pleasures that give his life joy: “I mean, just having a barbecue with your friends and hanging in the garden, getting your mates around, having a few beers and just hanging out.” Alongside working from his studio in Santa Monica, California, Bellamy has been staying current with the latest music from new and classic rock artists. Below, he walks us through some recent personal favourites that are keeping him going through self-isolation and the other challenges many of us are facing during this unparalleled pandemic.

Demob Happy, “Autoportrait”
“Guitar-based rock music sometimes seems like a dying breed. So I'm always keeping my eyes open for anything that sounds exciting—and this is something really cool.”

Weezer, “I Love the USA”
“I don't know how that song wasn't like a massive No. 1 hit in the United States. It's such a great song. The way he produced it, it sounds like an Adele song. To me, it's probably the best song that Weezer did this decade.”

Pale Waves, “There’s a Honey”
“I’ve got a little studio in Santa Monica and it's next door to [producer] Rich Costey's studio, and we have a glass window between the two. So, if we have the curtains open, I can kind of see what he's doing and he can see what I'm doing—and so he's making the Pale Waves album. They've got their masks on, with Rich, they're just in there carrying on. I've heard bits of their album—it sounds amazing.”


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