’80s Dance Party Essentials

’80s Dance Party Essentials

In the ’80s, the future was so bright, everyone not only had to wear shades—they were compelled to head to the dance floor, where beat-forward jams could be found in any section of the record store. While artists like Madonna and Michael Jackson made getting into the groove their music’s top priority, the always-on attitude of the ’80s meant that any pop artist, no matter what genre their music was rooted in, could be a remix away from helping people express themselves through movement. Duran Duran’s glossy New Wave, Janet Jackson’s fiery anthems, Run-DMC’s booming beats, INXS’ sinewy sax-rock, Prince’s hyperactive funk, George Michael’s sex-positive soul and Cyndi Lauper’s retro-nouveau pop all electrified dance floors, whether they were in high-class clubs or streamer-decorated village halls—and they still sound vital decades after they first lit up the charts.

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