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Alternative hip-hop collective the Wylde Bunch earned favorable comparisons with OutKast for their funk-inspired, melodic approach. Formed in Los Angeles, the group's sprawling lineup -- MCs Tazzo, Speed, Rico, and Yung Dame, guitarist Pops, bassist V. Ray, drummer Ish, keyboardist Daniel, trumpeters Janey and B., saxophonist Corey, and backing vocalists Ken Folk and Byg Sexy -- was comprised of childhood friends who first collaborated in their school marching band. They continued playing together off and on during their respective collegiate careers, ultimately recording a home demo that earned significant attention in the local rap underground. After a copy landed with Arista A&R exec Kawan Prather, the Wylde Bunch signed to cut their 2004 debut LP, Wylde Times at Washington High, supporting the release with tours in support of the Black Eyed Peas and the Beastie Boys. They also landed tracks on the soundtracks of the popular video games NBA Live 2005 and Madden NFL 2005, and successfully sued rapper Coolio for non-payment on an episode of television's Judge Joe Brown. The group resurfaced in 2006 with a pair of EPs (In the Meantyme... and Wylde Bunch). ~ Jason Ankeny

Los Angeles, CA