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William The Conqueror

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Delivering a sound that pays tribute to the classic Americana of Nashville merged with the more atmospheric stylings of English folk, William the Conqueror is an alternative folk-rock outfit from England, U.K. Their unique blend of genres from both sides of the Atlantic can be heard on albums such as 2017's Proud Disturber of the Peace and 2019's Bleeding on the Soundtrack. Made up of multi-instrumentalists Ruarri Joseph (vocals, guitar), Naomi Holmes (bass guitar), and Harry Harding (drums), the band came together in early 2017 after Joseph decided to start a project which marked a sonic departure from his solo material in previous years. The release of the Proud Disturber of the Peace LP marked the group's first appearance on the scene which they went on to promote with live performances nationwide throughout 2017 and 2018. 2017 also saw the band's track "Tend to the Thorns" nominated for U.K. Song of the Year at the U.K. Americana Awards. William the Conqueror spent 2018 writing and recording their sophomore effort. The Bleeding on the Soundtrack LP saw release in early 2019. ~ Rob Wacey


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