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Inspired by the bare-bones pop prowess of musicians like Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, the members of Atlanta, GA's King Lear Jet, a group that had some success peddling songs to shows like Felicity and Dawson's Creek, transformed themselves into Warm in the Wake in the early 2000s. The group, which retained King Lear Jet's original lineup of Alabama natives Chris Rowell (vocals), James Taylor, Jr. (drums), and brothers Andy and Daniel Barker (bass and keyboards, respectively) and guided their sound into the kind of lush, cosmic, folky terrain that nodded to rootsiness of alt-country rockers like Wilco and the psychedelic swirliness of acts like the Apples in Stereo and XTC. Warm in the Wake's debut EP, Port of Quick Returns, was released in 2003. Another EP, Gold Dust Trail, and the group's debut full-length, American Prehistoric, followed four years later. ~ Margaret Reges

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