About Unheilig

A German industrial/gothic rock band, Unheilig formed in 1999 and released their first single, "Sage Ja!," that same year. The group followed their debut hit with a full-length offering in 2001 titled Phosphor. The success of the single and the album helped land the trio slots on their genre's festival circuit and they followed up with 2002's Frohes Fest, and 2003's Das 2. Gebot. Their fourth album, 2004's Zelluloid, was released, and the band followed up with a successful tour. By 2006, Unheilig was back in the shops with two releases: a studio record, Moderne Zeiten, and a live offering, Goldene Zeiten. In 2008, Unheilig released their eighth album, Puppenspiel. ~ Chris True

    Aachen, Germany
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