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Tom Zanetti

Tom Zanetti

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Leeds, U.K.-based vocalist Tom Zanetti began his career in the music industry primarily as a club promoter; his breakthrough night, Insomnia, became the most successful night at Leeds nightclub Mission for five consecutive years. Discovering he had a knack for club promotion, he went on to set-up a wider reaching events company called Sleepin Is Cheatin. His brand grew so much that a local television channel filmed a documentary, titled Sic Life, that tracked his daily working life. On the side, Zanetti would lend his vocals to a number of Leeds-based U.K. house producers. Eventually he released a few U.K. house singles under his own name, including "Darlin" and "You Want Me," both produced by friend and past collaborator Chris Lorenzo. ~ Liam Martin

    Leeds, England
  • BORN
    02 July 1989

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