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Amsterdam-based DJ/producer Tom Trago trades in upbeat house and disco, with a penchant for big hooks and understated grooves. Brought up in a musical household, it wasn't long before Trago realized he wanted a career in music, taking up DJ'ing early on. Initially he worked as a coffee shop DJ, using his paycheck to buy records and, in his spare time, produce his own tracks. He was lucky enough to have a lot of support from the DJs in Amsterdam, with people such as Aardvarck and Awanto 3 acting as unofficial mentors for his early work. His debut single, 2006's "Live with the BBQ," was picked up by local label Rush Hour, which he developed a close association with. His debut album, Voyage Direct, arrived in 2009 through Rush Hour, and he decided to create his own label, also called Voyage Direct, to help promote local talent. Trago enjoyed collaborating with other artists, even if there are significant stylistic differences between them; for example, his EP with U.K. funk producer and Night Slugs label owner Bok Bok. His next two full-length records, 2011's Iris and 2013's The Light Fantastic, also saw release through Rush Hour. His fourth album, 2018's Bergen, was his debut release on Dekmantel, and showcased just how far he had come as a producer. ~ Liam Martin

28 Jan 1983

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