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About The Sisters and Brothers

A short-lived group of somewhat mysterious membership, the Sister and Brothers started out as a quintet and released three singles during their two-year history -- but they were singles of such quality that their memory lingers on in the minds of soul enthusiasts, and their impact matches the sheer obscurity of the personnel and origins of the group. The debut record, "The Jed Clampett, Pts. 1-2," and its follow-up, the killer "Yeah, You Right," came out on Uni Records, while a third single, "Ack-a-Fool," appeared on Calla, all between 1968 and 1970. Cut at Deep South Recording Studios in Baton Rouge, the Uni sides were credited to Ron Shaab and Cold Gritz (sic) as co-producers. According to postings on the Home of the Groove blog of Lafayette, Louisiana, researcher Dan Phillips, the Sister and Brothers were Geraldine "Sister Gerry" Richard and the Cold Grits, the latter a top instrumental group consisting of Hog Cowart (bass), Jimmy O'Rourke (guitar), Billy Carter (keyboards), and Tubby Ziegler (drums). Whether the latter four were still part of the group on the Calla single is an open question, according to Phillips. But Ziegler and Cowart later went on to play with the likes of Brook Benton, the Bee Gees, and Dolly Parton, among others, and Ziegler was part of Stephen Stills' band for three years in the early '70s. Almost nothing definitive is known about the Sister and Brothers, but what seems certain is that everyone who has heard any of their records wants to know more about this group, and to hear anything past the six songs that are known to exist. ~ Bruce Eder