The Seige
The Seige

The Seige

About The Seige

With their heavy drums, thunderous vocals, and love for live instrumentation, the Southern California hip-hop duo The Seige produces cinematic music that belongs in action-movie climaxes.

• The genre-bending group cites JAY-Z, Rage Against the Machine and Linkin Park as major influences.
• Their band name is a combination of the words “seize” and “siege”.
• Taz and Goon released their fierce debut single, “Going Insane”, in 2014. They delivered the EP Act I: WasteLAnd a year later and have continued the series through 2018’s Act IV.
• Their inspirational 2018 track “I Am Defiant” has racked up millions of streams and video views.
• In 2019, The Seige released their debut album, Duality.

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