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The Orb virtually invented the electronic genre known as ambient house, resurrecting slower rhythms and providing a soundtrack for early-morning ravers once the clubs closed their doors. The group even appeared on the British chart show Top of the Pops and hitting number one in the U.K. with 1992's U.F.Orb. During the 2000s, the group became affiliated with German techno label Kompakt, while the 2010s brought high-profile collaborations with two major influences: David Gilmour of Pink Floyd and Lee "Scratch" Perry. The Orb then returned to Kompakt for several albums, including the hip-hop-influenced Moonbuilding 2703 AD and the ambient release COW / Chill Out, World! The group's post-Kompakt output includes 2018's No Sounds Are Out of Bounds and 2020's Abolition of the Royal Familia, outward-looking works with numerous collaborators.

    London, England

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