The Karminsky Experience Inc.

About The Karminsky Experience Inc.

Lounge lizards James Munns and Martin Dingle began DJing together in small London clubs in the early '90s and had a long stint of several successful club nights throughout England. They began to record their sets and they became much in demand as DJs, playing for the King Lizard himself, Hugh Hefner, several times at his Playboy parties. In the late '90s Polygram allowed the duo to curate several lounge-themed compilations: Inflight Entertainment, Espresso Espresso, and Further Inflight Entertainment were all released to critical acclaim. In 1997, they launched their own record label and tried their hand behind the production board. Their full-length debut, The Power of Suggestion, was released on the notoriously fashionable Eighteenth Street Lounge Music label in 2003.

    London, England

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