The High Llamas

About The High Llamas

In 1991, singer/guitarist Sean O’Hagan formed the High Llamas as an antidote to what he viewed as the surly and apathetic grunge scene. Initially joined by John Fell, Rob Allum, Anita Visser and Marcus Holdaway, the group would rotate occasional members in and out, including vocalists from Stereolab. Their 1992 debut, SANTA BARBARA, was a fairly straightforward pop homage, but as they transitioned into ensuing albums GIDEON GAYE and HAWAII, they became increasingly influenced by ambient jazz elements, unusual instrumentation, and more formless melodies. At the turn of the 2000s, the UK-based outfit signed on with Chicago's Drag City, recording well into their second decade on the label, up through 2007’s CAN AND CLADDERS.

London, England