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David Campa Benjamin Singer-Vine and Niles Cyrano Hollowell-Dhar combined their songwriting, vocal, and production talents in 2003, while they were attending high school in Berkeley, CA. Three years later, after taking their name -- the Cataracs -- from a line in Snoop Dogg's Whats My Name, Pt. 2, they released an independent album, Technohop, Vol. 1, and produced the sparse and booming track Blueberry Afghani for fellow Berkeley-based group the Pack. The duo released a handful of low-key albums and mixtapes and broke through with Like a G6, a collaboration with Far East Movement and vocalist Dev that topped the Billboard Hot 100 in late October 2010. Dev herself released a Cataracs-produced single, Bass Down Low, which reached the chart by the end of the year. The Cataracs maintained their hit-making streak with Snoop's Wet -- yet another stripped-down, bass-heavy track -- which was made for Prince Williams bachelor party and charted in early 2011. ~ Andy Kellman

Berkeley, CA

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