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Scottish hard rock trio the Amorettes back up their anthemic songwriting with catchy riffs and fun-loving energy. The band began to take shape when Gill Montgomery (guitar, vocals) met Hannah McKay (drums) at college in Edinburgh in 2009. Although they initially started with someone else on bass, it wasn't long before they had drafted in Hannah's younger sister Heather McKay. In less than a year, the group had put together their debut album, Haulin' Ass, and built a reputation as an exciting Edinburgh-based band. They got a lucky break later the same year, when the support act for W.A.S.P.'s Edinburgh show was delayed en route, leading to the Amorettes stepping in at the last minute. By 2011, their popularity had spread throughout Scotland; they were recognized for their efforts with an award for Group of the Year at the Scottish New Music Awards. The next few years for the trio entailed touring and appearing at festivals, steadily increasing their fan base as they went. By 2015 they had signed to Off Yer Rocka, and been approached by Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy) to produce their second album, Game On. Their two following records were produced by Luke Morley, who was impressed after they supported his band Thunder on a U.K. tour, resulting in 2016's White Hot Heat and 2018's Born to Break. ~ Liam Martin

Edinburgh, Scotland

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