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Led by twin sisters Romy and Sari Lightman, Tasseomancy is a Canadian band that covers territory between delicate indie folk and dark, quirky dream pop. Born, raised, and based in Toronto, the Lightmans made a temporary move to Halifax, Nova Scotia for school in the late 2000s and formed Ghost Bees. The outfit put out an acoustic EP of offbeat folk called Tasseomancy in 2008 with Youth Club Records. The sisters changed their band's name to Tasseomancy in 2010 when they incorporated electric instruments and reverb into a redefined sound. Their full-length debut as Tasseomancy, Ulalume, arrived in 2011 on Out of This Spark and Turf Records. Around this time, the sisters also toured as part of Katie Stelmanis' electro-pop project Austra, and contributed to Austra's 2011 album Feel It Break as well as 2013's Olympia. Also in 2013, the sisters released their own EP, Braid. Wind Is Coming. They followed it with the long-player Palm Wine Revisited, issued by Healing Power Records in 2015. It included a handful of collaborators, including new bandmembers Evan Cartwright and Johnny Spence. The group signed with Bella Union for their lusher third full-length, Do Easy, which arrived in 2016. ~ Marcy Donelson

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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