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Feminist indie trio Skinny Girl Diet rose up through the British indie underground in the mid-2010s, melding raw politically conscious punk with fuzzed-out riot grrrl and grunge elements. Following a series of increasingly visible D.I.Y. EPs, they self-released their debut album, Heavy Flow, in 2016, following up in 2018 with Ideal Woman.
Sisters Delilah (vocals/guitar) and Ursula Holliday (drums) began playing together as a duo before adding their cousin Amelia Cutler on bass in their early teens. They landed their first gig opening for Slits guitarist Viv Albertine and began to build up a following with their music, image, and feminist politics. They made their debut on a 2013 split EP with the like-minded act Ethical Debating Society. An EP of their own called Girl Gang State of Mind followed in 2014, after which they contributed a song to Raft Records' collaborative EP1. A year later, their Reclaim Your Life EP in 2015 set the stage for 2016's Heavy Flow, Skinny Girl Diet's independently released debut album. Arriving two years later, the band's follow-up, Ideal Woman, expanded on their fuzzed-out, grungy sound and was again self-released in the U.K. (in late 2018) with an American release courtesy of HHBTM in January 2019. ~ Timothy Monger

    London, England

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