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About Quicksails

Quicksails is the experimental solo project of Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist Ben Billington, who also plays drums in free jazz unit Tiger Hatchery. His lush, free-flowing recordings typically feature hypnotic synthesizer patterns inspired by Krautrock and minimalist composers such as Terry Riley, but with percussion informed by Billington's background in jazz and world music. He started the project in 2009, and by 2011 he had released several cassettes on well-regarded labels such as NNA Tapes, Digitalis, and Pizza Night. He made his vinyl debut in 2013 with Mayville Dream, which was issued by Spectrum Spools. He shared a split cassette with Head Boggle in 2014, as part of Hausu Mountain's Mugen series. Quicksails' Fleurs de la Lune LP appeared on Captcha Records in 2015; the album featured contributions from both of Billington's Tiger Hatchery bandmates, as well as Haley Fohr (Circuit des Yeux) and Rob Frye (Cave/Bitchin Bajas). In late 2016, Hausu Mountain released Quicksails' Mortal album. The Bright followed in 2018, featuring remixes by Shit & Shine, Khaki Blazer, and Brett Naucke. ~ Paul Simpson

Chicago, IL

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