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Offering an updated mix of surf rock, dream pop, and psychedelia, Queen of Jeans was formed in Philadelphia in 2015 by singer and main songwriter Miriam Devora, guitarist Matheson Glass, and bassist Nina Scotto. The name was a play on South Philly landmark King of Jeans, a denim outlet. All three women played in other area bands, but Devora was looking to take the lead with her songs, and the others were drawn to her material. In early 2016, the trio released a harmony- and reverb-rich debut EP, Queens of Jeans, on Third Uncle Records in the U.S. and Super Fan 99 Records in the U.K. In the meantime, they added drummer Patrick Wall and worked on their live show, both locally and on self-booked tours. After making their SXSW debut in March 2017, the band toured in support of Balance & Composure and From Indian Lakes. Top Shelf Records took notice and signed Queen of Jeans for their full-length debut, Dig Yourself. Issued in March 2018, it explored similar sonic territory but with a sharpened focus and more pensive tone. ~ Marcy Donelson

Philadelphia, PA

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