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A release of unstable verges of ska, funk, and rock & roll, Primitive Reason's music seems like an unbroken journey to the most inimitable sound choices. Mixing wild rhythms of several styles, their experimentalism is shown off as a main musical choice. Formed in Cascais, Portugal, in 1993, the squad first counted on the talents of drummer Jorge Felizardo and vocalist Guillermo DeLlera, also in charge of the bass, percussion, and programming sections. The team was then completed with the additions of Brian Jackson (vocals), Mark Cain (saxophone), and Mikas (guitar). A year was the time needed to get a contract with a local label and shortly afterward, Alternative Prison, their debut album, hit the record stores. Their unique and indomitable compositions gave them an uncommon exposure and soon their work was being acclaimed by the local industry. During the following three years, Primitive Reason won several awards presented by Blitz, a local music newspaper, and played as the opening act for names such as the Stone Roses or David Bowie. Tips and Shortcuts, their second full-length, arrived in 1999, one year before the band decided to move to New York, where they signed a contract with Jah Nation Records. The unit then suffered several lineup changes, including the entries of Abel Beja (guitar), James Beja (bass), and the move to main vocals by DeLlera following Jackson's departure. Making numerous live appearances at N.Y. clubs, the crew released their first record in the U.S. in 2000. Some of Us continued with the deliverance of incomparable tones, confirming Reason as an act with unique style.

~ Mario Mesquita Borges

    Cascais, Portugal
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