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Norwegian trio Philco Fiction crafted their rich electro-pop sound in the capital city of Oslo. Members Turid Solberg, Bjarne Gustaven, and Andreas Knudsrød met in 2009 and immediately began creating music that perfectly balanced pop sensibility and innovation. Formed in 2009, the band's diverse influences -- such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Kate Bush, and notably Björk -- all resonate in both the heartbroken ballads and the full-flight synth pop melodies that are littered throughout Philco Fiction's wonderfully sculpted songs. Their obscure name was formed from their love of old radios -- specifically Philadelphia manufacturer Philco Radio Company. The second part of the name represents the inspiration in their music that came from books, movies, and other artists' fictional work. Vocalist Solberg was spurred on to create a band after being told by her sister that she was unable to sing. From there it was her self-belief and raw talent that paid dividends as her haunting, bittersweet voice became the focal point of Philco's ethereal sound.

The trio exploded onto the scene in 2010 following a stream of positive reviews from music bloggers. Their inventive and charismatic live shows also garnered attention that generated offers of gigs across Europe and the U.S. throughout 2011. Solberg's commanding theatrical stage presence was aided in no small part by Gustaven and Knudsrød's ability to replicate the beautiful soundscapes and instrumentation that made up their studio sound. Their debut album, Take It Personal, was released in late 2012 and featured the wonderfully constructed single "Help!" ~ Scott Kerr

Oslo, Norway