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Peel Dream Magazine represents the musical pursuits of New York-based musician Joe Stevens, a multi-instrumentalist and home recordist whose hazy Stereolab-indebted indie pop first went public via his 2018 debut, Modern Meta Physic.

The Peel referenced in his project's name is legendary BBC DJ and tastemaker John Peel, whose ethos as a champion of creativity Stevens cites as an influence on his own approach. Written and recorded in his New York apartment in 2017, Peel Dream's debut album, Modern Meta Physic, is rooted in late-'80s and early-'90s indie pop, dream pop, and college rock replete with hypnotic, fuzzed-out organs and distant hushed vocal melodies. After signing with Slumberland Records, Stevens expanded his operation to a full band ahead of the album's October 2018 release.

    New York, NY