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About Parra for Cuva

German DJ and producer Parra for Cuva builds chill and dreamy electronic soundscapes from a foundation of jazz and classical training.

• The artist born Nicolas Demuth enrolled in piano lessons at 11 and studied classical and jazz before falling in love with electronics. He later moved to Berlin and studied sound design.
• His friend Anna Naklab became a frequent collaborator. The pair used to write and perform songs together, him on piano and her on guitar and vocals.
• In 2013, the pair released “Wicked Games”, a cover of Chris Isaak’s 1989 hit “Wicked Game”. Credited to Parra for Cuva, the song became a viral hit, reaching No. 6 in the UK.
• A prolific artist, Parra for Cuva has released nine EPs and three studio albums, including 2016’s Darwīš, a collaboration with Senoy inspired by a trip to the eastern coast of Spain.

    Berlin, Germany
  • BORN

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