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Brighton-based rock trio Our Girl have their own take on modern grunge-inspired music, including a loud/quiet dynamism that's offset by vocalist Soph Nathan's heartfelt lyrics. From their early single, 2015's "Sleeper," the band have defined themselves as emotionally in touch, aided by their songwriting, which focused on everyday relationships such as family, friends, and lovers. For their debut full-length, 2018's Stranger Today, they refined their honest and open approach.
The band formed in 2015 when Nathan -- who was already playing in numerous bands, including the Big Moon -- had amassed material that didn't quite fit in anywhere else. She turned to her classmate Josh Tyler (bass) who helped flesh out some demoes in Nathan's basement. Together, they reached out to Lauren Wilson (drums) and booked themselves into a professional practice space. Due to Nathan's existing contacts, they were quickly signed to Cannibal Hymns, leading to their debut single, "Sleeper," in 2015. The following year they worked alongside Steve Ansell (Blood Red Shoes) to record an EP, Normally, which they captured over the course of a single day. They went on to record further singles with Ansell in 2017, including "Being Around," "No Big Deal," and a cover of Ty Segall's "Sad Fuzz." Although Nathan found herself juggling her time with the Big Moon, Our Girl found time to record their debut full-length, 2018's Stranger Today, this time with Bill Ryder-Jones (the Coral) on production duties. ~ Liam Martin

    Brighton, England

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