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Nox are a Hungarian dance-pop group whose style is rooted in both national folk tradition and electronic dance music. While the group made its album debut in 2002 and attained multi-platinum success shortly thereafter, it's also well known for its theatrical live performances and videos. Founded in 2003 and based in Budapest, the group is comprised chiefly of Szilvia Péter Szabó (born on September 9, 1982) and Nagy Tamás (Born on May 10, 1975), who are joined by a troupe of dancers and a backing band. Szabó, the group's lead singer, is originally from Szeged, Hungary, where she began her music career as a teenager in a pop group. She eventually moved to Budapest and joined Nox, which had been founded by Tamás, a professional dancer. The group made its full-length album debut in 2002 with Örökség and scored its first hit single with "Hej Dunáról," for which a promotional video was filmed. The follow-up album, Buvölet (2003), was a multi-platinum hit, selling over 50,000 copies and solidifying Nox's stature as one of Hungary's biggest homegrown success stories. A Christmas-themed album, Karácsony (2004), came next. In 2005 Nox released their fourth album, Ragyogás (2005), and were chosen to represent Hungary in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest with their song "Forogj, Világ!" Subsequent albums include Örömvölgy (2006), Csendes (2007), and Idontúl (2008), all of which were popular. Moreover, Nox established themselves internationally as a formidable live act, performing elaborate concerts highlighted by folk dances and medieval costumes as well as a parade of hits. ~ Jason Birchmeier