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Although goth rock experienced its heyday in the early to mid-'80s, new bands would occasionally pop up to keep the flame burning, and the British band Nosferatu was one such group. Formed in the late '80s by guitarist Damien DeVille, the group debuted on vinyl in 1990 on a compilation with a track called "Bloodlust." In 1991, they recorded an EP titled The Hellhound featuring vocalist Louis De Wray and bassist Vlad Janicek. At the end of 1992, Cleopatra sent the Sex Gang Children's Dave Roberts to try and sway the band to release a compilation of their singles on the label. Instead, they agreed to release Nosferatu's new album, 1993's full-length debut Rise, after which Niall Murphy replaced De Wray in time for their Halloween shows. 1994 saw the release of Legend, a collection of early recordings, and a second official album, The Prophecy. More lineup changes followed; Murphy was dismissed in favor of Dominic LaVey and Janicek also left, with Dante Savarelle taking his place. This lineup signed to Hades Records and recorded Prince of Darkness in 1996; Lord of the Flies followed in 1998 with yet another new bassist, Doc Milton, as well as the band's first live drummer, special guest Rat Scabies (formerly of the Damned). After the release of the album, bassist Stefan Diablo took over for Milton and the band started on Re Vamped. The album appeared in 1999, a collection of mostly remixes plus a few new tracks; Reflections Through a Darker Glass, their first live album, followed a year later. After reworking a few older songs with Scabies on drums, the band released The Best Of Nosferatu, Vol. 1, a greatest-hits of sorts that included the re-recorded songs and video for "The Haunting." ~ Steve Huey

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