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About Mickael Carreira

Portuguese pop sensation Mickael Carreira hit the recording industry with force at a young age. Carriera had earned his first platinum record when most of his peers were headed to university. His father a professional musician, Mickael was brought up in a musically rich household. He began his studies at eleven, learning piano at the French Conservatory. Though it was his piano training inspired Mickael to begin writing, he transitioned to guitar as his primary instrument early on, mentored by his father. He matured quickly, making his concert debut at the age of fifteen, alongside his father at the Olympia in Paris. That first performance experience hooked Carreira, inspiring his to put his artistic development into high gear. Just a year later Mickael took the stage again, this time in front of three thousand at Lisbon's Coliseum. The young artist began composing his own repertoire, working slowly towards a career as a solo artist. Under the direction of songwriter Ricardo Landum, Mickael developed as a composer, crafting the songs that would comprise his debut record. In May of 2006 Carreira took the stage at the Atlantic Pavilion, before an audience of nearly 17,000. His self titled debut Mickael (Vidiscos) was released a few months later in July of '06. The then twenty year old artist went triple platinum in a matter of months. National touring naturally followed, expanding and solidifying an already huge fan base. The artist's follow up release Entre Nos was released a year later, peaking at number 26 on national airplay charts. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez