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South London's Meatraffle use the term "bastard music" to describe their chaotic, absurdist blend of multiple genres, including post-punk, dub, jazz, garage rock, and psychedelia. The songs on the band's two full-lengths, HiFi Classics (2015) and Bastard Music (2019), address subjects such as gender inequality, the struggle of the working class, platonic love, and recreational drug use. Meatraffle's pseudonymous members include guitarist Tingle Mackerel, bassist Cloudy Truffles, drummer Fats McCourt, and vocalist/trumpeter Zsa Zsa Sapien. The group evolved out of a joke about a Beatles cover band who couldn't play their instruments, and following a performance art-style interpretation of "Revolution 9" for a charity concert, they began playing shambolic gigs at Brixton pubs and venues. After being proclaimed "the greatest band in the country right now bar none" by Fat White Family, Meatraffle released their debut album, HiFi Classics, on Trashmouth Records in 2015. A split single with Warmduscher appeared on Speedy Wunderground in 2016, and Moshi Moshi Records issued "Brother" in 2017. The band also released a single titled "'Ndrangheta Allotment," which was remixed by Mark Stewart and Octo Octa. In 2019, Meatraffle and the Madonnatron issued a collaborative single for Record Store Day, "Brigante Se More"/"Bella Ciao." In order to sidestep the "difficult second album" syndrome, they declared their next album to be their third. Bastard Music was put out by Delayed Records in 2019; Andrew Weatherall turned in a nine-minute remix of first single "Meatraffle on the Moon." ~ Paul Simpson

London, England
1 January 2013

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