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Athens, Georgia experimentalists Maserati picked up where bands like Tortoise, Macha, and Labradford left off with complex, warmly textured instrumentals straying from the confines of rock to explore ambient music and jazz. The group members began playing together in early 2001. After several months, they self-released 37:29:24. In 2002, they recorded The Language of Cities, released on Kindercore. After signing to Temporary Residence in 2007, Maserati released Inventions for the New Season, which was followed by two remix albums. After starting on their next full-length, in 2009, tragedy struck when drummer Jerry Fuchs fell to his death in an elevator shaft. The rest of Maserati pushed through to finish the album, released in 2010 as Pyramid of the Sun. ~ Daphne Carr

Athens, GA, United States of America