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Along with releasing original material that blends samples with live instrumentation, the English electronic duo Maribou State has remixed songs by Lana Del Rey, Fatboy Slim, Radiohead and Kelis. • Chris Davids and Liam Ivory grew up in the same village in Hertfordshire, England, and played together in bands in their teens. They found their musical calling when they were 16 and did a remix for the band Hadouken! while working under a different name. • Their debut as Maribou State came in 2011 with the five-song EP Habitat, the first in a flurry of EPs and singles they released over the next few years, along with the 2012 compilation Beginnings. • Maribou State released their first proper album, Portraits, in 2015. The follow-up, 2018’s Kingdoms in Colour, cracked the Top 30 in the UK. • In 2020, the duo released Fabric Presents Maribou State, a mix compilation imagining the arc of a night out at the renowned London nightclub Fabric.

London, England