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About Luis Carlos Vinhas

Luís Carlos Vinhas was a famous pianist of the bossa nova period. Known for his piano-bar romantic style, different from the harmonic adventurousness that characterized most pianists attracted by that sophisticated genre, Vinhas nevertheless held a most respectable resumé as an accompanist for major artists and also as a soloist in historic albums, like the "O Barquinho" recording of 1958. As a novice professional pianist, Vinhas joined the bossa nova since its beginning in 1958. As a member of the first instrumental group of bossa nova, the historic Bossa Três, he performed and recorded in the U.S. Returning to Brazil, he continued to work with that trio, also performing and recording as a sideman for such performers as Jorge Ben, Wilson Simonal, Quarteto em Cy, Maysa, and Elis Regina. In 1964, he recorded the historic album Novas Estruturas. He also participated, in the same year, in the recording of O Som, with Meirelles and the Copa 5. In 1966, he formed the Gemini 5, which recorded, in the same year, Gemini 5. The album was released in Mexico in the next year, when the group toured there. In 1968, Vinhas released O Som Psicodélico de Luiz Carlos Vinhas. Essentially a most requested accompanist and solo pianist in the circuit of the best nightclubs of Rio, Vinhas recorded only five other individual albums in his entire career. ~ Alvaro Neder