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Not all Tex-Mex music comes from the American Southwest, and Los Pacaminos are a group who show the sound has more than its share of admirers in the United Kingdom. Led by soulful pop singer Paul Young, Los Pacaminos have carved out a niche for themselves on the British Americana scene for their atmospheric, boldly romantic sound that blends country, blues, and pop with accents of Mexican folk styles, as a blend of electric and acoustic instruments adds to their distinctive tone. The group had been together for nearly a decade when they released their self-titled debut album in 2002, but they were a stronger, more experienced group when they delivered their next LP, 2014's rollicking and heartfelt A Fistful of Statins, and a pair of singles, 2020's "When It's Christmas on the Range" and 2022's "Bitter Blue," demonstrated they knew how to work in the studio.

London, England