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Greek composer and sound artist Dimitris Papadatos uses the name Jay Glass Dubs for his singular brand of experimental dub music. Using a combination of digital and analog equipment, he builds abstract, broken rhythms which incorporate production techniques inspired by musique concrete, '80s pop, shoegaze, and other influences. While the project's early cassettes, summed up by the 2017 compilation Dubs, focused on heavy yet minimalist rhythms, subsequent releases such as 2018's Plegnic featured richer arrangements as well as occasional vocals.
Papadatos has been active as a musician since the early 2000s. Starting in 2008, he began releasing improvised music as the Hydra, spanning a wide variety of genres ranging from fractured techno to atonal compositions. He also started an experimental pop project called Ku, which incorporated oblique strategies as well as lyrics drawn from Papadatos' poetry. Following a limited 2010 cassette, Ku's debut LP, Feathers, appeared in 2013.
Jay Glass Dubs first surfaced in 2015, with a series of cassettes on labels such as Bokeh Versions and Seagrave. Ecstatic compiled tracks from these releases on the 2017 double-LP Dubs. Jay Glass Dubs vs. Guerilla Toss, a remix EP of tracks by the Brooklyn-based experimental post-punk band, was also released during the year. The producer collaborated with poet/musician Leslie Winer on an EP titled YMFEES, which was released in early 2018. While much of Jay Glass Dubs' work is haunting and a bit melancholy, sometimes exploring themes of depression and disappointment, the producer revealed his sweeter side with The Safest Dub, a 2018 EP on Berceuse Heroique. This was followed by Plegnic, a more atmospheric work which reflected influences such as laiko (Greek popular music) and the golden era of 4AD. In January of 2019, Bokeh Versions released Epitaph, referred to as the project's debut album. The album included guest appearances from vocalist Yorgia Karidi and saxophone player Ben Vince. ~ Paul Simpson

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