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Jamie Duggan is a U.K. garage DJ and remixer who released a series of bassline mix albums, The Sound of Bassline, on the Ministry of Sound label. The series was released in association with Niche Nightclub, the short-lived yet storied bassline club in Sheffield where Duggan was once a resident DJ. He is also a founding member of Nocturnal Records, a U.K. garage label on which he was regularly featured as a remixer. Duggan made his recording debut in 2005 with the mix album Basscutz: All About the Bassline! on Rumour Records. Also in 2005 he released U.K. garage remixes of Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot" and Marques Houston's "Pop That Booty" on Nocturnal Records, which he co-founded a year earlier with Nev Wright and Chris Bailey. He continued to work as a remixer in subsequent years, most notably remixing H Two O's smash hit "What's It Gonna Be" in 2007. In 2008 Duggan was credited with mixing two of the discs on the three-CD mix album The Sound of Bassline, released in association with Ministry of Sound and Niche Nightclub. The popularity of the album led to a follow-up release also similarly mixed by Duggan, The Sound of Bassline, Vol. 2 (2009). ~ Jason Birchmeier

    Sheffield, England

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