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About Jackson Heights

This UK band was formed in 1970 by bass player/vocalist Lee Jackson (b. Keith Lee Jackson, 8 January 1943, Newcastle upon Tyne, England) on the dissolution of the Nice. His new venture pursued a more pop-orientated path than its virtuoso-based predecessor, but despite prolific live work and four well-promoted albums, an unstable line-up hampered the bands ultimate progress. Early members Charlie Harcourt (guitar), Mario Tapia (guitar) and Tommy Sloane (drums) were replaced by a series of new inductees, including multi-instrumentalists John McBurnie and Brian Chatton, none of who was able to halt Jacksons ailing fortunes. However, having decided that recent addition Patrick Moraz (b. 24 June 1948, Villars-Ste-Croix, Morges, Switzerland) played a keyboard style unsuited to the primarily melodic unit, Jackson left his creation in 1974 to shape Refugee around his new discoverys dexterous technique. His former colleagues briefly continued under the truncated name Heights before breaking up.

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