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About Hands

Hands were an ambitious Christian metal band whose eclectic approach embraced fierce dynamics, powerful distorted vocals, and precise rhythms. Hands were formed in 2007 by singer and guitarist Shane Ochsner, guitarist Jerik Hendrickson, bassist Chris Schwartz, and drummer Josh Silbernagel. Hands made their recorded debut in 2008 with a self-released EP, The Everlasting, and in 2009 they partnered with Oort Records to release their first full-length album, The Sounds of Earth. Later the same year, Hands signed with Christian rock label Facedown Records, and released their breakthrough album, Creator. The album fared well with critics, but by the time Hands issued their even more ambitious follow-up, 2011's Give Me Rest, Jerik Hendrickson had left the group and Hands continued as a three-piece. In 2012, after touring in support of Give Me Rest, Hands amicably broke up, with Ochsner telling the press that the band had accomplished its goals and run its course. Ochsner went on to form Everything in Slow Motion, while Josh Silbernagel recorded with the band Glower. ~ Mark Deming

Fargo, ND