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About Handful of Hate

A black metal band from Lucca, Italy, Handful of Hate not only deal in subjects of tragedy and horror, but were actually born of it, when founding bassist Ugo Pandolfini came to an untimely demise in 1993, leaving his chief coconspirator, vocalist/guitarist Nicola Bianchi, to carry on without him, while juggling an ever-changing group of backing musicians. Nevertheless, Bianchi has steadily transformed Handful of Hate into one of Italy's most reliable and prolific extreme metal bands, thanks to albums often obsessed with deviant sexuality like 1997's Qliphothic Supremacy, 1999's Hierarchy (both of them dedicated to Pandolfini), 2003's Vicecrown, and 2006's Gruesome Splendour, plus a handful of EPs sprinkled along the way. By 2009, Bianchi was surrounded by guitarist Deimos, bassist Nicholas, and his brother, drummer Andrea Bianchi, for the recording of Handful of Hate's fifth full-length, You Will Bleed. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia