Grant Lee Buffalo

About Grant Lee Buffalo

Lo-fi cowboys, Grant Lee Buffalo sang surreal, sweetly somnambulic pop songs set further off-kilter by the Neil Young-esque high-toned vocals of Grant Lee Phillips with a dormant, but lingering, lurking anger set to emerge and explode at any moment. Discovered by Bob Mould, who released the sinister-catchy "Fuzzy" as a 7-inch, the group were scooped up by Slash Records, who released the hastily recorded masterpiece FUZZY in 1993. While that album generated mostly a cult buzz, the more polished follow-up MIGHTY JOE MOON captured the attention of radio as "Mockingbirds" was picked up by MTV. After a final album, JUBILEE, yielded the minor pop hit "Truly Truly," Grant Lee Buffalo dissolved, but lead singer Phillips continued to release haunting records through the '00s.

Los Angeles, CA, United States
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