About Gangly

Made up of Sindri Már Sigfússon of SinFang, Jófríður Ákadóttir of Samaris, and Úlfur Einarsson of Oyama, Gangly are an atmospheric electronic trio from Reykjavik , Iceland. The project was conceived after the three friends came together to experiment with songwriting and ideas in2014. Opting for a blend of dark, ethereal R&B with sleek electronica, the trio briefly entertained the idea of operating under the name of Leather Doves before ultimately settling on Gangly due to its definition as "tall, thin, and awkward."
The band put out their first track -- the dysfunctional, anxious love song "Fuck with Someone Else" -- in 2015 by e-mailing various journalists with the song’s title as the sole text alongside a link to the track. It was clear from the outset that the group were opting for the anonymous angle in order to ramp up as much intrigue and mystery as they possibly could. They gradually realized they were successful in doing so when they began attending parties throughout Reykjavik in which they overheard other people theorizing over who was behind the song. Over the next couple years, the trio put out a number of other slow-burning, low-key tracks: 2016’s "Holy Grounds" and "Blow Out," and "Whole Again" in 2017. Each track was accompanied with a celestial and mystifying 3-D animated video that encapsulated the woozy mystery evident throughout its sound palette and ghostly lyrics. 2016 also saw Gangly sign with Universal sub-label AMF and embark on their first European tour, which culminated in multiple appearances at the 2016 Iceland Airwaves festival in their native Reykjavik. ~ Rob Wacey

    Reykjavik, Iceland
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