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Gábor Lázár is a Hungarian sound artist who manipulates techno and grime/garage rhythms into intense, hyperkinetic formations. While releases such as 2014's ILS contained ultra-concentrated bursts of juddering glitches, which felt both stiff and rubbery, later efforts like 2018's Unfold were more expressive and rhythmic, even danceable.
Lázár has been active with several techno and noise projects since the mid-2000s. He released minimal techno as Dean Olbricht during the early 2010s and recorded sludgy experimental dub as Omne, sharing a split EP with Ekoplekz in 2012. The latter was released by Lázár's short-lived Last Foundation, which also issued Lázár's 2013 split cassette with Russell Haswell. Lázár's first album, ILS, appeared on Lorenzo Senni's Presto!? in early 2014. EP16 followed on The Death of Rave later in the year. The Boomkat-affiliated imprint also released The Neurobiology of Moral Decision Making, a 2015 collaboration with Mark Fell that was a bit more hypnotic and rhythmically focused than Lázár's previous work. Solo album Crisis of Representation was released by Shelter Press in 2017. Lázár then returned to The Death of Rave with 2018's Unfold, easily his most accessible, groove-heavy release to date. A further exercise in precisely arranged club deconstructions, Source, appeared on Planet Mu in 2020. ~ Paul Simpson

    Budapest, Hungary
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