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b. c.

1975, Devon, England. Playing recorder and flute from the age of five and alto saxophone before he entered his teens, Peters listened to his father’s record collection, notably Wayne Shorter. The family lived in Spain for a while and he then studied music at Durham University before attending the Guildhall School of Music in London. This was in 1996 and while there he studied jazz and also prepared himself for a career as a studio musician. Meanwhile, he was playing jazz and contemporary dance music in London clubs. After his studies were over he went on tour backing visiting American soul singer, Jhelisa Anderson, and he also recorded with Carl Cox, Joey Negro and DJ Spinna.
At the end of the 90s, Peters formed his own contemporary jazz group, Dr. Seus, and began recording EPs for his own Mantella Records. During this same period, he played and composed Latin music, mainly associating with Trip Do Brazil and Grupo X, and he also was co-founder of Nosferatu, a contemporary classical group. In addition to a broad range of western music, Peters has also studied the music of the Gnaoas in Morocco. As is apparent, Peters’ musical taste is wide and he works steadily in several fields. Among the many diverse musicians with whom he has worked are the Deal, Sam Rivers, Bembe Segue, and SA-RA Creative Partners. On his 2006 debut, Peters moved more centrally into a jazz context and was joined by members of the F-IRE Collective, among whom are Jade Fox members David Okumu and Tom Herbert.

    Devon, England
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