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About FC Kahuna

Dan and John Kahuna were a hot property throughout the 90's, bringing the big beat sound with an unstoppable combination of the former's DJing skills and the latter's business sense.

Along with the Chemical Brothers, they really defined the idea of big beat and gained followers as dedicated and famous as London club mainstay-turned-big beat fanatic Fatboy Slim.

And in true Sex Pistols fashion, the two brothers cut their own career short when they were on the verge of breaking into the mainstream.

The two didn't make a full album at the time, and their potential was often mourned.

They finally quit living the hedonistic swinging lifestyle they had developed through owning the Big Kahuna Burger club and got back to business, starting with remixes and a tour with the Charlatons UK.

Recording with a few guest musicians and combining their two influences, FC Kahuna (as they called themselves) debuted in 2002 with Machine Says Yes. ~ Bradley Torreano

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